Opening your Third Eye

Opening your Third Eye Chakra

There are some exercises you can perform for opening your third eye chakra. These meditations and exercises will help you in this regard. These techniques are given below.

third eye op

1.Third Eye Chakra – Meditation 1

  • Put your both the hands in front of your chest.
  • Keep your middle fingers straight and pointing upward.
  • Your pulps of the middle fingers should touch each other.
  • Keep your other fingers flexed and touched at the upper two pulps.
  • Keep your two thumbs pointed towards your body.
  • Keep your pulps of the thumbs in contact.
  • Concentrate on your third eye on your glabella, in between your two eyebrows.
  • “AUM” is the sound to open the third eye. Chant the sound “AUM” or “OM”.
  • Perform this meditation at least for 20 minutes.
  • Do ‘nothing’ for 5 minutes after this meditation.

2.Opening the Third Eye – Meditation – 2

To perform this meditation just follow these steps. This is a simple but powerful meditation to open your third eye.

  • Close both your eyes.
  • Breath slowly in a steady manner.
  • Bring your chin close to your chest.
  • Keep breathing in a steady manner
  • Relax yourself maximally.
  • Look beyond your third eye towards the tip of your nose with half closed eyes.
  • Concentrate on that point with relaxed eyes.
  • Keep your breathing as before.
  • Maintain this posture for 5-10 minutes.
  1. Opening the Third Eye – Exercises 3

You can perform these exercises before starting your meditation to open your third eye. This will help you to get energy flowing. A number of exercises are there to fortify your meditation. These exercises are listed below.

  • Close your eyes and concentrate on the region between your two eye brows. Do not apply undue pressure on your closed eyes. Your eyes should be fully relaxed. In the beginning you may see only darkness but in due course you will see images. Maintain your focus here for few minutes each day.
  • You can adopt another exercise for opening the third eye. Keep your back straight sitting in a comfortable position with eyes closed. Concentrate on your third eye region and inhale six times while imagining a bright light flowing into your third eye each time you inhale. Your inhalation should be slow and long. During the exhalation imagine nothing is coming out from your third eye region.
  • Sit in a crossed leg position and close your eyes. Concentrate on the third eye region. Now count down from 100 to 1 with an interval of two seconds.
  • You can perform another exercise. Light a candle and keep some distance away from you and see the flame. Now close your eyes and visualize the flame in closed eyes.

After regular practice of the third eye opening meditations and exercise you may start noticing symptoms of third eye opening. Extraordinary experiences may confirm you that, your third eye is opening now.

Third Eye chakra opening symptoms

You can feel pressure on your fore head and your third eye area. You can feel a frequent occurrence of smile on your face. You will love to be attached with the nature and with other people.  You will observe an improvement in your capacity to think and act. During this time you will experience freedom from worries and dilemmas. You will gain the ability to love with no expectations from others.


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